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PostHeaderIcon J4/J5 Coaches

Coach : Aidan (The Boss) 

Coaching Role : Head Coach. (The Boss)

Playing experience: C.B.C, Greystones, Seapoint, Tallaght

Coaching Experience: Tallaght J4 2006 - 2008, Wanderers J4 (2009 - ????)


Favourite J4 Rugby moment of last season:

This could take a while. So many lads not knowing each other before the season gelling and becoming a team. Brian Buckley handing off the entire backline of Wexford Wanderers in merrion  and then moving infield to get some of their forwards.

Converting a PROP to a 1st centre (they actually can learn to pass), Shane`s daisy cutter toe poked clearance V Wexford,  Ru`s and Gavin Daltons LACK of dress "sense",

The entire play off against Monkstown

The conversation about donkeys that was taking place on the coach on the way back fro Wexford (thank god i didnt hear it all).
Any of the lineouts that were thrown straight. Any of the backs moves that were called and worked.
Frank (the hero) O'Dowd ignoring medical advice and getting pissed instead of going hospital to fix the ear hanging off, Phil's bandage on Frank

Favourite place visited (the throwing up area of Irishtown stadium isn’t a option): Rugbywise: Each bar I went into that I was able to have a pint in after a game. Personally: None of your business

Hopes for the coming season:

Collectively; The season to be another successfull one and everyone to enjoy themselves

Individually; A lot less penalties to be given away (you know who you are). The forwards to win their lineouts & backs to control the game like both know they can. Contested scrums

A lot more video sessions from Dom. (Im only messing there Dom, they are great), Ru to continue to wear the scarf to support his brothers in Israel, Sam to wear orange gloves to match the boots

Dave McKeating to get over his worrying fascination with Ulster and Paddy Wallace, Dave Mckeating & Gavin Kane to stop leaving me voicemails at 3am on a Saturday singing Backstreet Boys & Lady GAGA.

Frank O'Dowd to develop a work/life balance, Paddy & Connor to choose a new career path (lads at least tell us which hospital your going to be working at so we know where not to go), Paddy Walker to show up for a match sober, Brian Buckley to see if he can hand off a full team one game (once we are 50 points up in the game).

Suggestions to improve Rugby in general: Make the backs play a game as forwards and the forwards play a game as backs so you can see what it like. Because im sick of listening to you all moaning. (However im banning Ru from SH & Gav Dalton from FB)

Coach : Dom Maxwell   
Coaching Role : Forwards, scrum and lineout

Playing experience: Cill Dara RFC, Old Kilcullen RFC, Wanderers FC , Old Belvedere RFC

Coaching Experience: Old Kilcullen RFC U18s (1992/1993) U19s (1993/1994), Wanderers J3s/J2s/U 14s/ J4s(05/06-onwards)

Favourite J4 Rugby moment of last season: Many, in particular the excellent camaraderie between all the squad on and off the pitch. No cliques or divisions, just 1 squad. Great.

Also the last 5 mins of 2 particular matches, last 10 mins of home match V Wexford, seeing set piece moves result in tries, watching clean won lineouts.

Nial Clancy arriving on time for the end of season photo, anytime somebody threw straight, Mark Hill`s twinkle toed ballet style light-headed run/try V Cym, Shane`s agricultural toe poked clearance V Wexford, watching Owen "run" in IrishTown. Ru`s and Gavin Daltons dress "sense"

Favourite place visited (the throwing up area of Irishtown stadium isn’t a option):
The starting positions in Irishtown , watching the various expressions on tight 5 players faces as they wait to go . Whatever area where the lineouts are being done and the scrum machine is kept

Hopes for the coming season:
Collectively; for the players to continue to enjoy themselves on and off the pitch and to compete.
Individually, Nial to be on time and not to get lost /delayed/car jacked anymore on the stillorgan dual carriageway. 

Dave Hayes to manage just 1 power press up, Mark Hill to control himself and not to give away any pens, throwers to throw straight., Gavin Dalton to get rid of these hideous surfer shorts and Ru to ditch the catering shoes. 

The front row to arrive properly attired, as per tradition, for match day( as in plain T shirt, jeans, caterpillar boots rather than the che guevera scarf’s, orange surfer shorts and catering shoes that were the norm last year)

And finally, for backs to kick everything that moves and to restrict running the ball to within 1 yard of opposition line.

Suggestions to improve Rugby in general: Keep 15 players on the field but make it so that there are 13 forwards with just a scrum half and out half , whos only role will be to kick for touch .
That will ensure 80 mins of titanic contests in scrum and lineout which would be a joy to watch.


Coach : Phil Ryan

Nickname: I was called “Medic” on many occasions last year for some reason…

Coaching Role : Forwards, and being awesome in general.

Playing experience: School boy stuff, then Clontarf then Lansdowne, all in the glorious ranks of junior rugby

Coaching Experience: Wanderers J4 manager last season, J4 Consultant psychiatrist ,Oracle Tag coach,

Favourite J4 Rugby moment of last season: Last year’s court session, and beating Seapoint away, striving (and succeeding) to keep Franks ear attached to his head after the wexford match

Favourite place visited Wexford Wanderers or Rathdrum, or Australia during the 2003 world cup, I still have the jersey!!
Hopes for the coming season:

J4 to be very competitive, J5 to have a good time on the pitch and in the bar, Leinster to win the Heineken cup, Ireland the Grand Slam.
Suggestions to improve Rugby in general: Remove aerial ping pong kicking laws.  Make tries worth seven points


Coach : Dave Treacy

Coaching Role : Backs (the ones who decide by how much you win matches), J5s Coach.

Playing experience: Schools from U13 right through to SCT (1990-96),
Portlaoise RFC (1996-2002), Power House RFC Melbourne Australia
(2002-2004), Wanderers FC 2005-2009

Positions played: Scrum half (for far too long), Full Back & even Hooker at
U14 level (can throw quick passes and accurate line-outs)

Coaching Experience: Nil but they gave me a whistle and cones

On the plus side no more tackle bags or pyramid runs they will be what you
now have to suffer

Favourite place visited: The whole of NZ for the Lions Tour of 2005. Played
one junior rugby match for a club in Wellington while there. It was in an
80/80 Grade competition – what that means that the player max weight is
capped at 15 stone (i think), down side is that spotting the opposition
prop in the backline doesn’t equal Brian O’Driscol V John Hayes in terms of
skill as that prop won’t be beaten on the inside or outside

Hopes for the coming season: Collectively; for the players to continue to
enjoy themselves and to continue to improve based on the previous season.

Individually, I drink Guinness so you know what to order me at the
Wanderers club bar